Roman Kizima

Character 3D artist at People Can Fly

Homer Bust

Homer Bust

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Who or what were some of your early creative inspirations?

I always liked art and classic sculpture. From childhood my favorite toy was a clay and pencil.

Shaman Viking

When did you start working in 3D and what’s your favorite project so far?

I started doing 3D, when I discovered, that video games created with the help of software, that is very similar to what i always liked - sculpting and making objects.


Is there a new project that you haven’t modeled yet but would like to?

I really want to make a character for video game or movie, that people will recognize and remember for long time.

Are there ways in which you think AR will help 3D creators express themselves?

AR is a revolution in world of 3D graphics. It helps to produce content in more natural way and also to observe content on totally different level. It is the way, how we will be interacting with each other and consume information in next years.

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